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5 easy ways to Advertise for your business!

1. Make sure all of your information is correct and accurate across all platforms.

  •  This not only enhances the reliability of your business but also helps to keep your customers informed and updated. Keeping a tab on your information and making necessary changes in a timely manner portrays your company in a positive light and earns the trust of your audience.

2. Ask your current customers for reviews. 

  • One of the most effective ways to improve your business's online presence and reputation is by soliciting reviews from your satisfied customers. It is important to request feedback from your customers immediately after a successful transaction. By doing so, you will receive a candid and reliable review of their experience with your product or service.

3. Take pictures of fun events happening in the office.

  • Capture the lively and celebratory moments at your workplace such as birthdays, special dates, and other enjoyable events . This practice not only showcases your company's culture to the outside world, but also fosters a sense of inclusivity and engagement among your employees.

4. Send out email blasts.

  • In the digital age, sending out mass emails has become a prevalent mode of communication. Fortunately, many email programs have incorporated features that allow users  to send 1 or 2 emails for free to up to 500 people. 

5. Utilize all of your social media.

  • To make the most of your social media presence, it is imperative that you utilize all available platforms and ensure consistency in your postings. Choose a few days a week to post, decide what you want to post about on those days and stay consistent with it.

Mango Media Does...

Mango Media recently embarked on a delightful business trip to Chattanooga, TN, a city we hold in high regard. Our exploration of this charming city led us to a memorable meeting with one of our valued clients at 5090 South, an exceptional furniture store conveniently situated near the interstate. With one of the largest outdoor furniture showrooms, this establishment is a must-see.

​Seeking recommendations? To fully appreciate the journey, we recommend taking the scenic route instead of the interstate. The views are stunning, and the quaint towns you'll pass through are simply enchanting. For a delightful breakfast spot in Chattanooga, we highly recommend Honey Seed. Located in the heart of the city, this cozy spot offers the most delicious bagels you'll ever taste. Lastly, on your journey back home, we suggest making a stop in Swanee, TN, and enjoying a delicious lunch at the Blue Chair Cafe and Tavern. Their food is exceptional, and you can pick up a delightful sweet treat from their cafe for the road ahead.

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