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Mango Media's FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions; answered by Josh Story and Alexis Walker-Story

We get asked many questions in our line of work. They generally start simple, "What is Public Relations?" and gradually increase in complexity, "How much should my small business be spending on Advertising?".

​In this Vlog, we do our best to answer some of these questions. 

Our goal is to inform our customers and any future clients on the most effective ways to move forward with brand growth.

If you have ever wondered who we are or what we do, check out this video! 

Here is a list of the questions we answer in this video:

  1. What is Public Relations and do I need it?

  2. Why did we start Mango Media

  3. How does my business show up as the top result on Google when customers search for me?

  4. How much should my small business be spending on Advertising?

  5. Do I really need video commercials and professional photography? (See our blog post for a more in-depth response to this question...

  6. What is a Brand Manager? Should I have one?

  7. Do I really need a website? Isn't Facebook enough?​

If you have any other questions about Mango Media or Public Relations, please feel free to contact us! 

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