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How much should my Small Business be spending on Holiday Advertising?

When it comes to allocating funds for advertising throughout the year, it's important to recognize that​ not all months are created equal.

During the holiday shopping season, which encompasses October, November, and December, it is crucial to allocate a larger portion of your budget toward advertising.

During the holiday season, there is a general increase in various factors that contribute to overall sales.

Through social media marketing methods,

  • Ad impressions typically experience a 50% surge.

  • Click-through rates witness a 100% rise

  • Direct traffic increases by 150%, 

  • The average order value grows by 30%,

  • Conversion rates go up by 60%.

The data reveals a growing number of individuals dedicating an increased amount of their time to online shopping and activities.


It's also very important to consider the reality that more users, bring bigger players to the table during the last quarter. Big spenders like box retail stores, large tech companies, and high-dollar car manufacturers all unleash their massive budgets during these last months.

This causes the prices of online ad space to spike, a lot. Some analysts say your same reach can cost 2.4 TIMES MORE during the holiday quarter. 

To effectively promote your products during the holiday season, here are some channels that you should consider investing your resources in:

  1. Email Marketing

  2. Affiliates and Partnerships

  3. Updating your Website

  4. Google Ads

  5. Display Ads, such as billboards or commercials.

If you have questions or concerns about how much YOUR business should be spending during the Holiday months, remember that consultations at Mango Media are ALWAYS free. 

Call or email us today! (931)231-6715

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