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Black, White, and Read all over...

Discussing tradition forms of advertising in the digital age.

Answering a question like this requires a variety of factor to be considered. 

The impact of digital advertising has undoubtedly changed the landscape of small business advertising spending. The latest statistics suggest many more brands are utilizing digital platforms for their marketing dollars. Social Media, Google and a litany of other digital mediums have all but consumed most brand spending.

The average statistics say 65% of business owners spend digitally leaving a merger 35% for the big three.

So the question is again are the Big Three dead?

We don't believe so and here are as few evaluations to consider.

Print Media

Print media remains a powerful advertising tool, offering several advantages for businesses seeking to engage with their audience.

A. Tangibility and Credibility: Print materials, including brochures, magazines, and newspapers, provide a tangible connection with the audience. People trust print media as a reliable source of information.

B. Targeted Reach: Print publications often cater to specific demographics or interests, allowing businesses to target their desired audience effectively.

C. Longevity and Permanence: Print advertisements have a longer shelf life compared to digital ads, as they can be referred to multiple times, increasing brand recall.


Television advertising offers unparalleled creative opportunities and wide audience reach, making it a valuable marketing channel.

A. Broad Audience Reach: TV has the potential to reach a large audience, making it an excellent choice for campaigns with mass appeal.

B. Visual and Audio Elements: TV combines visual and audio elements, allowing advertisers to create compelling and engaging ads that leave a lasting impact on viewers.

C. Dynamic Movement: The dynamic nature of TV ads enables marketers to convey their message through storytelling, enhancing brand awareness and recognition.


Radio advertising remains a cost-effective medium that offers unique benefits for businesses, particularly for local targeting.

A. Cost-Effective: Radio ads are often more affordable than TV or print ads, making them a viable option for businesses with limited budgets.

B. Local Targeting: Radio stations cater to specific regions or communities, allowing businesses to target their advertising efforts to a specific geographic area.

C. High Frequency of Exposure: Radio ads have a high frequency of exposure, as listeners often tune in for extended periods or during their daily commutes.

In reality you aren't asking the right Question.

Regardless of the advertising medium success is ultimately determined by two factors:

1. The creativity of your team to expose your brand properly

2. The budget to reach the target audience 

Bringing both of these elements together can prove to be a truly unstoppable force! 

Community Events!

The Summertown Bluegrass Reunion

The Summertown Bluegrass Reunion is a music festival loved my many. With everything from pickin' under the trees to Buck Dancing competitions for all ages, the bluegrass community is alive and thriving is this small Tennessee town. The owners and founders, Tammy and Terri, have welcomed large crowds to their beautiful home to share this long time tradition for loving down home music.

It is a beautiful site to see, all of these people coming together to share in something they love. While watching the Pickin' under the Trees, you may see a circle of 3 musicians playing a song but by the time they have finished the song, 4 other musicians have joined in. Incredible talent is on display at this event. Everyone involved is committed to keeping the music alive!

Meet our new assistant, Madeline!

Hello, my name is Madeline. I am a highly motivated individual with a deep passion for exploring the world and all its wonders. As an avid reader and movie enthusiast, I believe in the power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and provoke thought.

With an associates degree in public relations, I have acquired a strong foundation in effective communication and building relationships. This has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the power of words and the impact they can have on connecting with others. Outside of my professional pursuits, I am a part-time esthetician. This role allows me to merge my passion for beauty and skincare with my desire to help others feel confident and empowered in their own skin.

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