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Advice for Graduates Going into a Digital Field

Updated: May 24

The scent of possibility hangs heavy in the air – graduation day!

As this year's seniors embark on their journeys, some diving headfirst into careers, others chasing the academic dream, we can't help but offer a nugget of wisdom.

We were recently energized by the brilliant minds at Summertown High's Virtual Enterprise program. Their infectious creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are a testament to the potential you all hold. Inspired by their fire, we're expanding our advice specifically for this year's remarkable graduating class.

Learn the Field

The digital landscape thrives on data, and fluency in its language is key to success. Understanding the invisible forces that make it tick – analytics, algorithms, reporting – is like learning the secret language of this industry.

With this knowledge in your pocket, you can translate the data into clear, impactful stories for your clients, showing them exactly how their digital platforms are performing online.

Consider Graphic Design

The digital field is experiencing a surge in demand for skilled graphic designers. This presents a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking a dynamic and versatile career path.  Within the graphic design field, you can leverage your talents in a variety of settings, from securing a coveted in-house design position at a leading company to establishing your own successful freelance practice.

More than an Influencer

The world of influencing beckons with its kaleidoscope of creativity and connection. If the dream of captivating audiences and building a thriving online community ignites your passion, then chase it! However, beneath the seemingly effortless glamour lies a demanding profession. Influencers hold the keys to their own success. Crafting engaging concepts, capturing captivating content, and wielding the power of editing to elevate their message.  But the journey doesn't end there.  Scheduling posts, meticulously monitoring audience engagement, and strategically adapting content are all vital skills fueling that success. There's a lot of work behind the glamour of Instagram or TikTok!

Become an Intern

An internship isn't just about acquiring knowledge – it's about unlocking a treasure trove of practical expertise. Dive deep into the intricacies of your chosen field, while simultaneously mastering the art of collaboration. Teamwork, often a double-edged sword in the workplace, becomes a powerful tool for growth during an internship. You'll learn to navigate the complexities of working with others, fostering invaluable skills that will make you a standout employee or partner in any future project.

Don't be Afraid to Fail

If you've ever heard us speak to young people, you know how often we bring up this topic. Failing is a huge part of the process, embrace it! When starting or trying something new, you will likely not be great at it on your first try. That cringe-worthy first video, that oh-so-terrible blog post – they become valuable data points, guiding you toward mastery. Don't let the fear of imperfection paralyze you. Take that first photo, record that video, write that blog post, and learn from the experience. With each iteration, you'll refine your skills, building a foundation for remarkable success.


Mango Media Does...

We always enjoy sharing our experiences in the community. We are so lucky to live in an area BLOSSOMING with small businesses. We frequent as many as possible, as often as possible.


Daydream Diner

One of our favorite lunch spots! They have a plant-based burger you can customize any way you want, as well as breakfast all day and some tasty milkshakes for a treat on a hot day! This restaurant is fairly new to Lawrenceburg, across from the movie theatre. They have consistently delicious food, helpful staff, and a clean facility. Family owned and always eager to serve a delightful meal, this is truly a great place for the whole family!

Allie Grace Bakery

YUM! This was our first visit to this cute bakery/coffee shop/lunch spot! With an entirely vegetarian menu, they have a little something for everyone! On our visit, we had an iced oat milk latte, a delectable berry-filled croissant, and a tasty chickpea salad sandwich.

Top-Notch! This sweet little place will be added to our favorites list!

Yoga Class

Divine Living Yoga

Looking for the most relaxing workout available?? DLY is the place for you!!

They have classes at so many different times during the week, you should easily be able to find one that fits into your schedule. They have recently moved into their BRAND-NEW building which is spacious, calm, and quiet. Knowledgeable and experienced teachers lead you through the practice and finish with a guided meditation. It really is such a special experience.

Some light and local reading

A Curse Unspeakable by Morgan Gerhart

Not only is the cover of this book GORGEOUS, it's a fantastic story. Local author, Morgan Gerhart, writes an enchanting tale of Glory and the Mage's Eye Caravan. Every character is compelling and has an in-depth back story that leaves you wanting more. The best part? There IS more to come!! With two more books in the works, it won't be long before we dive back into this magical world!

P.S. This is an age-appropriate book for any teen interested in a fantasy read!

Out-of-town fun

The Carriage Wine Bar

Our go-to date night spot has been The Carriage in Florence, AL for many years. With kind and knowledgeable staff, incredibly delicious and curated wines, and fun events, it really is the place to be. We always leave knowing a bit more about whatever delicious bottle we choose. The space is beautiful and relaxing; we are always able to unwind with something tasty without the large, loud crowds that can be found at many other bars. You may remember from our April Blog Post, that we touched on our time in Dauphin Island, AL. Where we visited The Carriage's seaside location! If you're in the area, we highly recommend a visit to either of these hidden gems!

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