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2023 Yearly Review

2023 Highlights 

Lawrenceburg Travel Guide


Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of being asked to do a series of photos for the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. Every other year they produce a travel guide and this year the focus was on the many delicious restaurants we have here in Lawrenceburg. We were asked to photograph several of these locations, as well as a cover photoshoot that would include dishes from each of these restaurants. 

This job was such a highlight for us, our team, and our whole company. It was an absolute honor to be asked to be a part of this huge project. The magazines hit the shelves of all of our favorite local spots in May but even all of these months later, it is still so special to see our photos displayed so beautifully. 

A special thank you to Keeli and Emma at the Chamber for having faith in us. We know how much work you both put into this project and it was a delight working with you. 

Chattanooga Fashion Show with Lawrenceburg Technical College

What a fun experience this was!! 

So much beauty and creativity on display! Beautiful people and incredible designs were everywhere.

We haven't worked with Lawrenceburg Technical College for very long but it has been an adventure already! 

At the Chattanooga Fashion Expo, the students from Lawrenceburg Technical were very involved in the process leading up to the fashion show. They did hair, nails, and makeup application for the models. Some students even walked in the fashion show! 

This was a learning experience for all of us. It was amazing being able to work alongside such talented artists. 

Thank you Lawrenceburg Technical College for having us and thank you Chattanooga Fashion Expo for hosting such a fun event!

1819 The Restaurant 

Although the food photographs may be the most beautiful work we've done for 1819, it was not the first project we did with them. 

We were hired by the new restaurant to do a complete internet network instillation. We installed the WIFI network, video system and project managed the security system install. We also installed their point of sale system.

​This project brought upon the newest addition in the Mango Media scope of services, FixIt. The IT department of Mango Media is now involved with anything on the digital front. 

If you need small scale IT Troubleshooting or large scale network instillation, we're only a call away! 

Our new employees and the Growth of our Company.

This has been a year of growth in every sense of the word! We have expanded by two this year, we have gained an assistant, Madeline who is eager to help us stay organized and on top of it all. We have also gained another wonderful graphic designer, Hannah. We are so thankful to every single person who has helped us along the way. Every client who has given us an opportunity, every person who has said a kind word about our work, every business owner who looked at our crazy ideas to re-brand their company and said "Let's do it!".

We get to do what we love because so many people support us. 

Thank you.

Josh Story and Alexis Walker-Story

​Mango Media Public Relations

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