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About Mango Media

We are a small, family-owned public relations and brand management company based in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Owners, Josh Story and Alexis Walker-Story have been working with business owners for over 7 years, helping them navigate the digital end of a small business. 


We specialize in Public Relations, Brand Management, Marketing, Advertising, Web Design, Photography, Content Creation, Videography, and Digital Design.


Our focus is on crafting messages that resonate with your customer, not on what's trendy. We work with clients all over the world to elevate their brand. Let's take your Small Business to the next level.

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Keith Thigpen,

Wohali Sports

Mango Media PR's work made a significant difference in Wohali's social media and web presence, and the content they've produced has helped the client grow their business. Mango Media PR is timely, hands-on, communicative, and attentive to the client's needs, addressing issues quickly.

Julie Gang,

Coldwell Banker

Southern Realty

"Thanks to Mango Media PR's work CBSR has experienced significant growth in their social media following. They have been available all the time, ensuring an effective workflow. Their excellent communication and timely responsiveness are hallmarks of their work."

Alan Salhany, 

Nature's Nuggets

Thanks to the expertise of the Mango Media PR team, Nature's Nuggets social media presence rose from practically zero to around Where we are today. We were most impressed by Mango Media's responsiveness throughout the Contract.
Leaf Pattern Design

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients while staying true to their brand values.

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